Saturday 22 October 2011

Upcoming DVD review: The Hood Has Eyez (Video 2007)

Hopefully I´ll get my hands on The Hood Has Eyez in a couple of days, have been wanting to see it ever since I saw a review of it in the magazine Is it Uncut? published by Midnight Media. The flick is a no budget mix of Wes Craven's first two movies – Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes. The plot: A couple of catholic schoolgirls cut class to attend a party somewhere in "The Hood", but on the way they get themselves lost and fall into the clutches of a sadistic street thug and his two cronies. An extended period of rape, murder, and general unpleasantness follows, and after being left for dead at the end of her ordeal Kimmy has just one thing on her mind. And it involves a tasty dish that is best served cold… Have checked out some reviews and I want to see this film so badly now....

If anyone is looking for this film on DVD it can be found on


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