Thursday 2 May 2013

DVD review: I.B.S. (2013)

First I´d like to thank Mike O'Mahony for sending me a copy of his new flick.
I.B.S. is the story of Larry (James Costa). The loveable loser who can't get over his intense irritable bowel syndrome. Until one day a workplace mishap helps him discover that murder cures what ails him. I.B.S. is written. produced, shot and directed by Mike O'Mahony. The acting is fairly decent but I must say that James Costa does a splendid job as Larry. Ridiculed, bullied and pushed around by some but he has friends and there is even a love-interest. It is evident that the crew of Maniac Films keep improving their craft, it´s quite evident in the camerawork and editing.  The pace is nice. The tone of I.B.S. is similar to Maniac Films earlier features Deadly Detour (2011)  and Sloppy the Psychotic (2012)  , it isn´t straight up horror instead there is more of a light-hearted tone, a mix of horror and comedy but it never forgets its origin. One of the trademarks of Maniac Films is to have at least one scene that pushes the envelope, In Sloppy the Psychotic it was children's birthday party scene and in Deadly Detour it´s the school bus for the blind ending. The soundtrack, created by James Costa, is good. There´s a lot of intentional comedy in this, I couldn´t help sitting with a huge smile on my face as Larry goes out on a rampage, once he gets started no one is safe, while a happy go luck song plays in the background. It´s gory but actually not as gory as I was kinda expecting, the highlight (which I loved) is the 3-some (won´t go into details due to spoilers). The bodycount is huge as Larry kills off people in various ways to keep his Irritable Bowel Syndrome at bay. There´s topless nudity in this and sexual situations.
This review is based upon the region all (Region 0) DVD release from Maniac Films sent to me to review..
Rating: 6 out of 7. I enjoyed it!  Mike O'Mahony and Maniac Films keeps bringing the goodies to the independent screen. This made me both laugh and get a little bit disgusted. Make sure to check  I.B.S.out when it get its general release. I look forward to the next movie from Independent Horror Movie Production Company Maniac Films.


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