Wednesday 5 December 2012

DVD review: Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie (2008)

After permanently attaching a ghoulish mask to his face using an electric drill, Hate brutally dismembers his abusive police officer father and commences a wild killing spree which leads to his stalking and killing workers at an elaborate Halloween farm featuring a haunted hay ride. Fate has four young people on a collision course with this frightening maniac, which reaches a crescendo when Hate hi-jacks the last hay ride of the night and all hell breaks loose. Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie is written and directed by Warren F. Disbrow. The acting is bad which provides the flick some moments of unintentional comedy, the camerawork and editing is good. The pacing is good, bodycount is high but one of the flaws is that there are no character I can sympathize with as almost all of the characters are unsympathic or they only appear briefly on screen before they get killed. Yes this is one of those flicks were we cheer on the killer as he slice up, decapitate and mutilate his victims. There are a number of good scenes/set pieces but I won´t go into any details due to spoilers. There is plenty of gore, it´s a blend of computer rendered and practical fx and it looks good considering the low budget. The kills are graphic and tales place on screen. There is no T & A in this.
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This review is based upon the region 1 DVD release from Crystal Visions Entertainment.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. Despite its flaws, Haunted Hay Ride: The Movie is enjoyable and kept me entertained for the 90 minutes of running time. Recommended if you're an independent horror fan.


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