Tuesday 11 December 2012

Review: Out There (2012)

First i´d like to thank Randal Plunkett for providing me with a screener.
Robert (Conor Marren) wakes up deep in the woods on a beautiful summers day. Rob suffering from a head wound with no idea how he got there. He begins to walk trying to find his way out of the endless quiet countryside not seeing any one around. He finally finds an old beaten track, which he follows. He stumbles along an old farm, completely deserted, it is clear all is not well. Along his travels he gets jolts of memories of him and his girlfriend Jane (Emma Eliza Regan). Rob remembers the days leading up to his arrival in the woods and the breakdown of their relationship. Out There is written and directed by Randal Plunkett.

Honestly I´m not sure how much I should reveal about this short film as it is best to go in without knowing to much so Í´ll keep this short. Good acting, very nicely shot and edited. The soundtrack is very good. It´s something of a slow burner which is a good thing. it has a nice build up with a good unsettling amtosphere and a great finale. No gore and no T & A in this.
This review based upon a online screener provided by the director.

Rating: 7 out of 7. I enjoyed this! I enjoyed this a lot! Highly recommended!


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