Wednesday 6 November 2013

DVD review: Death O'Lantern 2 (201?)

After the events that took place in the first film, Phoebe ( Candace Patterson)  is now running a "Halloween House" for troubled teens that have a hard time dealing with the holiday and the town of Sleepy Hollow Heights bloody past. Enter Travis (Paul Orville) who decides to spend a week at the house to try and squash his personal halloween demons and destroy the fear he has of the Legend of Stingy Jack. Travis gets more than he bargained for when a local hag casts a spell that brings Jack back to the town and he begins to kill again, hunting Phoebe down, knowing she was one of the kids that got away from his pumpkin wrath all those many years ago. Death O'Lantern 2 is written and directed by Rudy Bellafonte. The acting is really really really bad but it´s intentionally bad, it´s silly, seriously this is so frickin silly!!  We get lots of actors looking and speaking directly into the camera, silly sound effects and much more.The camerawork and editing leaves a lot to be desired.There´s not a shred of suspense in this but keep in mind that this is a comedy. The pacing is high and there´s never far between the laughs. The running time, including the music video (which made me laugh out loud), is approx 48 minutes. The few gore fx, if you can call it that, are very cheap.´There´s no T and A in this.
This review is based upon the region all (region 0) DVD release from Warlock Home Video.
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Rating: 3½ out of 7. LoL now they ain´t even trying, this isn´t even a horror comedy, even if you get that impression by reading the synopsis and seeing the artwork, as this played strictly for laughs. Death O'Lantern 2 is so frickin crazy and silly!! I actually prefer this before the original because I found this to be so hilariously goofy and funny. I have many more DVD releases from Warlock Home Video so you can expect more reviews of their releases soon.
Btw, it isn´t a wild guess to assume that Rudy Bellafonte is a alias for Warlock Home Video´s Chris Seaver.


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