Monday 26 November 2012

DVD review: Terror at Black Tree Forest (2010)

A young mother is brutally raped and murdered in front of her own child in the woods during the Summer of 1970. Twenty years later a group of college friends head off to the same woods – “Black Tree Forest” to do some hiking and camping. However, Brian Mellows, the young child who was left scarred twenty years ago, has recently escaped from the Vestron Hospital for the Criminally Insane. The young campers out for a fun-filled weekend end up in the fight for their lives as they encounter a mysterious masked Killer who stalks the forest in search of innocent victims. They play a terrifying game of “cat and mouse” with the Killer…until it is time for the last Terror at Black Tree Forest! Terror at Black Tree Forest is written, shot, edited and directed by Dustin Ferguson. The acting is bad, some of it quite awful. It´s badly shot and edited but the electronic soundtrack is actually pretty good. Some scenes looks like they actually been shot at night, they are too dark, but for the most part the filmmakers have used a filter and shot the scenes during daylight. After a violent start the flick quickly loses it´s pace and becomes boring, it seems to take forever to pick up the pace again. Terror at Black Tree Forest is surprisingly graphic, some of the fx are pretty bad but now and then something happens and we get a good gore-fx, the high light being a big knife getting plunged into an eye. There is a brief moment of topless nudity in it, if you blink you´ll miss it. The rape of the young mother in the beginning of the movie is amongst the most pathetic rape-scenes I´ve ever seen in a movie.
This review is based upon the region all (Region 0) DVD release from RHR Home Video.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. Despite a running time of just 65 minutes this is a overlong and boring slasher feature.


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