Monday 16 September 2013

DVD review: Amerikan Holokaust (2013)

Michael Mashburn (Jules Sciero) and his former Lieutenant, Antwan Mercer (Bob Glazier) shelter themeselves from the world to make a new begiining. They start by abducting young men and women and torture them for their own amusement. Their victims will be treated to the most vial and heinous manners you can ever imagine. Some of them they will keep and force them to join their army, but most will all die a slow and horrible death. Watch a video diary of a madman where you will not only hear about these vicious crimes, you will actually watch them as they happen. Amerikan Holokaust is written by John Miller and Chris Woods who also is the director. The acting is pretty decent for the most part but I must say that lead actors Jules Sciero and Bob Glazier are very good. The camerawork ranges from shaky cam to static (this is a found footage flick), the editing is good. The soundtrack and pacing is good. The setting feels limited even if scenes do take place in different places/rooms. The very limited budget is evident some scenes but that is not necessarily a negative thing, actually it helps and lets face it this is ain´t movie where we expect high production values, huge sets and so on. There´s a strong sense of tension and dread throughout, even if we never really get too know the victims we see and feel for them as they are the target for unbelievable amounts of degradation and sadism, I don´t want to deliever spoilers but this flick is NOT for the squemish. Amerikan Holokaust is gory and it´s good looking practical fx. Some examples of the on screen carnage is plucking out the eyes of a victim and eating them and scenes of cannibalism. As you understand by those examples this is a graphic flick but first and foremost there is a strong overwhelming tone of brutality and nastiness. There´s some truly sick stuff on screen. There´s both gratuitous female and male nudity in this, including gratuitous full frontal and there is sex, there´s a threesome as Michael and Antwan picks up a hooker.
This review is based upon the region all (region 0) DVD release from The Sleaze Box
Rating: 5½ out of 7. Disturbing, sleazy, vicious and graphic Amerikan Holokaust certainly isn´t for the squemish or for rookies in the horror genre. It´s in the same territory of extreme movies such as the August Underground trilogy and Scrapbook. If you´re a fan of extreme movies then this flick should be your next buy! Support true independent film making, go get it!



  1. Hello Independent flicks!Well my message is not related to the movie above but refers to an old post of yours about an American indy horror film 'Screen'..Well i need some info about the film,e.g. is it available to find the movie online or in a dvd?I am a real thriller-horror fan and this movie looks so interesting.Thanks in advance and keep up the good work in your blog.Cheers from Greece!

  2. Hi, I think 'Screen' i still being shown on the festival circuit. Thank you for the feed back! /JL