Tuesday 3 September 2013

DVD review: The Decapitator (1995)


Bruce Seagal (Bill Johns) is an ex-Special Forces agent turned brilliant scientist. When an envious co-worker tries to ruin his career, Seagal leaps into action. Dodging death at every turn, he reveals startling secrets from the past, and exacts a deadly revenge against those who dared to betray him! The Decapitator is written and directed by Floyd Jones. Oh boy, where do I begin? The acting is atrociously bad, it´s badly shot and edited. The soundtrack is decent. Even if the running time is just 39 minutes it feels overlong and boring. The Decapitator is being sold as horror on Amazon and when you look at the DVD cover you might expect it to belong to that genre but this a action flick and a very bad one at that but I actually began wondering if it might be an attempt to do a comedy/spoof of Steven Seagal´s movies. There are quite a few connections/references to Steven Seagal´s flicks, for instance Bruce background isn´t known to his co-workers, the dialogue which is meant to imply how bad ass the Bruce charater is are obviously inspired (if not ripped off) from Steven Seagal´s flicks and so on, and then there is the VERY obvious thing that Bruce´s surname is Seagal. For an action flick, with a running time of 39 minutes, there isn´t very much action on screen. There are a two incredibly cheap flashbacks to Bruce´s time in the special forces, the fight choreography is piss-poor. There is the obligatory training montage, which made me laugh out loud due to being so poorly made. There is no gore, which is kinda strange as there is a on screen beheading but there ain´t a single drop of blood, actually the scene looks like shit, besides that all other kills are off screen. It´s kind of a shame as Bruce´s weapon of choice is a big ax which could have given us some really good and gory kills. There is no T and A in this
This review is based upon a DVD-R which is manufactured on demand when ordered from Amazon.com.
Rating: 0 out of 7. The Decapitator is a truly painful viewing experience, I can´t find anything redeeming about this flick. Avoid like the plague!


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