Sunday 24 June 2012

DVD review: Dead Hunt (Video 2007)

Ten horror movie reviewers are invited to a party by the host of the HorrorDVDzone website. The party is in full swing when the power and the lights abruptly go out. A mysterious, black-hooded figure has cut the main wiring. The party´s over. After the host goes to check the circiut breaker, the guests are  shocked when they find one of their fellow reviewers dispatched in a grisly fashion. Panic sets in after another reviewer is found killed in a sadistic manner. Cryptic notes left with the bodies hold the only clue to the reason for the psychopath´s rampage. The terrified group try to evacuate the building, only to find that they can´t -  all the doors have been electrified. realizing they are trapped in a dark, foreboding warehouse with a madman, the survivors look for another way . Their search leads them to the creepy older section of the building, where danger and death lurk in every shadow. Can they find another way out? Can they hide from the demented killer? Or are they all destined to become targets of the Dead Hunt? Dead Hunt is written by Eric Martin Strauss, it´s directed by Joe Ripple and Don Dohler. The acting is pretty bad but this being a low budget slasher you shouldn´t have too high expectations, the camerawork and editing is decent and the soundtrack is pretty good. There are both intentional and unintentional comedic moments in Dead Hunt due to bad acting and it´s limited budget. There are gore and one or two of the kills are quite brutal. There is mainly practical gore-make-up fx + and a computer gendered fire when a character is being burned to death but many of the kills actually occur off-screen. No T & A but the girls in this film are real easy to look at and we do get to see Collen Turner in her underwear and it´s a pretty nice sight...
This review is based opn the region 1 DVD release from Timewarp Films.
Rating: 2½ out of 7. Dead Hunt is a pretty decent slasher but it has some flaws. Recommended to slasher fans even though it doesn´t bring anything new to the table


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