Monday 28 May 2012

DVD review: Dead Genesis (2010)

Seven months have passed since the dead took over. Cities have been abandoned. Society is trying to create order from the chaos. Both the military and hunting groups made up of ordinary citizens have taken on the task of fighting the undead hordes in a war aptly referred to as the War on Dead . Jillian Hurst (Emily Alatalo), a former news writer and amateur documentarian, has set out to make a propaganda film to support the W.O.D. She joins up with a pack of renegade hunters known infamously as the DeadHeads . The moral dynamics and hardships of fighting in a war against the flesh eating undead are told from several different perspectives. Made up of Christians, atheists and men and women of varying ages, the disparate band of anti-heroes seek to cleanse the landscape of the undead, with each DeadHead motivated by their own personal agenda. Everyday brings the possibility of death and horror, but also offers new bonds that redefine family and friendship. Dead Genesis is written and directed by Reese Eveneshen. Talk, talk and more talk. This film is slow and is seriously lacking in the action, horror and zombie departments and it is teetering on the verge of becoming tedious by focusing on lengthy dialogues and interviews which will probaby alienate it from many fans of the zombie genre. And it doesn´t get better when the acting, for the most part, is pretty bad. The camerawork and editing is amateurish and pretty bad and there is a lot of shaky cam. There are two brief scenes with really well made-up zombies, but unfortunately that's it. There is little gore, as you understand this isn´t a gorefeast but when it happens it looks pretty good. No T & A in this one.
This review is based upon the german region 2 DVD release from dtp entertainment AG, english audio track is available., this release is uncut but beware that there is a german DVD release that supposedly is cut 6 minutes.

Rating: 0½ out of 7. Dead Genesis is just lame, boring and bad! The film feels too long, not a very big surprise considering that much of it running time given to the dialogue between characters instead of giving us carnage. Do not buy! It´s not worth the money!


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