Wednesday 23 May 2012

DVD review: Osombie (2012)

Osama bin Laden has returned from his watery grave and is creating a secret army of zombie insurgents. When Dusty Miller (Eve Mauro) discovers her conspiracy theorist brother Derek (Jasen Wade) is on a solo mission to find and kill Bin Laden (again), she travels to Afghanistan to rescue him, and falls in with a NATO Special Forces unit on a secret assignment; but when the group crashes headlong into the growing zombie apocalypse, Dusty and the troops must find the root of the zombie insurgency before it infests the world. Osombie is written by Kurt Hale and directed by John Lyde. It´s a mix of action and horror, it´s professionally shot and edited ( no shaky camera), the soundtrack is good and the acting is decent. I really like the concept, no surprise really as it incorporates action, war and horror with lots of gunplay and swordplay. What´s not to like? :) I must point out that the actionscenes were well executed and looks good. They're playing it straight but there are a few cheesy scenes. The zombie make-up fx design looks really good, lots and lots of computer gendered gore make-up fx especially in the form of juicy squibs and for the most part it looks pretty good. There is a enormous amount of headshots in this film. We also get some gory swordplay as the character Tomboy (Danielle Chuchran) carries a samurai sword for close encounters. Also noted that they use CGI for muzzleflashes, airplanes and helicopters but this is small budget effort so you can´t expect them to get real Blackhawk choppers and so on. The props, weapons and costumes for the special forces team look good, much better than your average indie effort.  No T & A this time, would have loved to see a little bit more of Danielle Chuchran but the character Chip (Corey Sevier) keeps taking off his jacket and shirt all the time throughout the film and I guess we could regard that as male topless nudity..
This review is based upon the region 2 UK release from Signature Entertainment.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I found Osombie to be very enjoyable with a lot of gory action and lot of zombies.. Check it out. It is well worth a watch.


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