Sunday 27 May 2012

DVD review: Sudden Fury (1997)

Randall (Paul Murphy) is a small time crime boss with his eye firmly on his rivals cocaine stash and criminal empire. Randall and his right-hand henchman Jimmy (Andy Ranger) hire legendary hit man Walker (Nick Rendell), to take out his nemesis Harris. With Harris out of the way, Randall plans to take over the sole distribution of Cocaine for the whole South coast of England. It soon becomes apparent to Walker that Randall never intended to pay for his work. With his plan compromised Randall pulls out all the stops to have Walker killed, but is it Randall who should be worried? Double crossed and betrayed, the underworld better get ready for Walker! Sudden Fury is written and directed by Darren Ward. It´s a ambitious low budget feature, the acting is pretty bad but Nick Rendell is good as Walker, he´s the best actor in the film. The camerawork and editing is for the most part decent but once in awhile there are some really nice visuals. There is a lot of action and the film never gets boring with it´s display of gratuitously violence. It is extremely bloody and graphic, there is a lot of big juicy squibs as people get shot, often repeatedly, with blood spraying and it´s all practical gore make-up fx. We get more gore besides squibs, for instance one guy gets disemboweled but one of the best scene is when a guy is put on fire, his whole body is on fire and it´s a really freakin impressive! Add to this some scenes of sadistic torture. For fans of T & A there is some nudity and a sex scene that leaves a lot to be desired...
This review is based upon the region 2 DVD release from 4 Digital Media.
Rating: 4 out of 7.  Sudden Fury is ultra violent and entertaining. Yes, it has some flaws but Darren Ward returned to the screen a few year later with A Day of Violence (2010)  which is fantastic and highy recommended.  If you are a fan of bloody cinematic carnage you should check out Darren Ward´s films asap. 


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