Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DVD review: The Deepening (2006)

A troubled N.Y. fireman suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after working the tragic events of 9-11. In search of a fresh start, he relocates to a quiet town where he seeks treatment for his recurring nightmares. The bad dreams, however, do not subside. Instead, they turn into terrifying reality as the population of the town begins to sharply decrease. The Deepening is written and directed by Jim O´Rear and Ted Alderman who also play the two main characters in the film. It´s supposed to be a combination of a slasher and a mystery but it´s painfully obvious who the killer is early on in the film. There is a lot of abysmal bad acting, the audio, camerawork and editing is decent at best and sometimes even inept. There is gratuitous female nudity and sex, Jim O´Rear manages to get to bed with the majority of girls in the film but for the most part it isn´t very sexy at all.. There isn't a lot of gore and the gore make-up fx that are on display look really fake, though most of it is practical I´m pretty sure that they use a computer gendered effect in one scene (won´t give away any details as I do my best too keep this blog free from spoilers).
This review is based upon the region DVD release from Under the bed Films, it´s not rated.
Rating: 2½ out of 7. Nudity and cheap gore can´t help this film from becoming boring but it´s okay entertainment for the moment and is worth checking out if you like slasher flicks.


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