Monday 30 April 2012

DVD review: Burlesque Massacre (2011)

Crystal (Crystal Swarovski) is the lead dancer in her own Burlesque show, but she has other plans for her troupe on this tour.  While visiting Crystal's brother, the Burlesque girls start to be picked off one by one, and its anyone's guess who will survive. Burlesque Massacre is written by Tracy Cwick and Timothy Whitfield who also is the director. It is a homage to the sleazy 1970s exploitation horror films. The acting is decent, the soundtrack is pretty good, fitting. The plot is surprisingly dark, much darker than the regular horror flick. It´s professionally shot and edited and looks very good considering the low budget. I like T & A in horror movies just as much as the next guy and there is plenty of gratuitous female nudity and sexual content in Burlesque Massacre and it´s close to crossing the line into softcore pornography territory. There are several killings but very little gore, the gore make-up fx are practical and don´t look too good.
This review is based upon the DVD region all release from Timberwolf Entertainment.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I really liked this movie, it´s filled with nudity, sex, sleaze and violence and in that order..


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