Wednesday 18 April 2012

Review: Sweet Tooth (2006)

First I´d like to thank Marc Roussel for telling me where to find this early short film.
Martin (Patrick Rawley)  recounts the urban legend of 'Sweet Tooth Sullivan' to his old friend Lee (Ron Basch). It is a tale of poisoned Halloween candy and revenge from beyond the grave. Sweet Tooth is written by Ben Wilkinson, Mark Thibodeau and Marc Roussel who is also the director. I´ll have to confess that I´m not familiar with the urban legend of  'Sweet Tooth Sullivan' but this is a nice little short film that is nicely acted and well shot and edited and yet it´s made on a shoestring budget. The running time is under 5 minutes
This review is based upon a online source uploaded by the film makers, you can view the film here
Rating: 5½ out of 7.


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