Wednesday 11 April 2012

Review: Rise of the Animals (2011)

In a world where animals have turned on humanity, a teen travels across the country in search of the girl of his dreams. Rise of the Animals is written and directed by Chris Wojcik. The acting is mediocre, it isn´t good but it´s isn´t too bad either (I´ve seen far worse).. The camerawork and editing is pretty decent, the pacing is quite good considering that the running time is just over 60 minutes, the end credits lasts almost 10 minutes.... The film is labeled comedy, horror and adventure but it´s first and foremost a comedy with quite a few scenes that made me smile.  Are there anything for the gorehounds? Well yes there is some gore... cheap gore and mostly it´s limited to big splashes of blood, there is quite a bit of really bad CGI and when I say bad I mean bad... And then there are the puppet effects, I´ll be honest I loved the puppets which often consist of using stuffed animals that you can buy in a toyshop, it all looks totally hilarous or ridiculous depending on your viewpoint.
This review is based upon a password protected online screener provided to me by Midnight Releasing/Brain Damage Films.

Rating: 3½ out of 7. Rise of the Animals is hilariously fun and in my opinion it has a certain charm but I´m sure that most viewers who isn´t fans of low budget productions will wonder "wtf is this?"


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