Friday 27 April 2012

Review: The Midnight Disease (Video 2010)

Just when Jack Jones (Laurence R. Griffin) is about to give up his career as a novelist due to his increasing writer's block, a mysterious jar of blood appears on his doorstep. The events that unfold not only get his creative juices flowing, but leave a trail of blood in Jack's wake. The Midnight Disease is written and directed by Robbie Ribspreader and co-directed by Ryan Fowler. The acting is pretty decent and Laurence R. Griffin is actually pretty good as Jack, the camera work and editing is decent. The soundtrack feels a bit awkward at times and adds a humorous tone, I´d personally would have prefered the darker and a more straight horror story throughout the whole film.  Although there are some violence there is no gore to speak of. Regarding the topic of t & a, even though Jack begins killing hookers to obtain blood there is no nudity as they somehow manage too keep their clothes on but one of them shows up in sexy lingerie.
This review is based upon a password protected onlinescreener provided by Brain Damage Films.
Rating: 3 out of 7. This film is pretty good, I like the plot and in my opinion it´s a good effort even though it has a few flaws.


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