Saturday 28 April 2012

Review: Monster of Mad Mooney's Lake (2010)

Brian and Harry are two best friends who have stuck around their small town for too long. When their friend RJ goes missing and a strange monster threatens the town, the two investigate and must save the town together before getting torn apart. Monster of Mad Mooney's Lake is short film (running tilme 17 minutes) written, produced and directed by Greg Hanson. The acting is ok, the camera work and editing is ok. The soundtrack is pretty good and fits what happening on the screen. There are some gore, for instance we get to see heads and arms being ripped of, the gore make-up fx  is all practical and is decent, the creature make-up design is reminiscent of the old black and white creature feature classics which is hard to resist for a nerd like me.
This review is based upon a online source provided by the filmmakers, Monster of Mad Mooney's Lake can be seen on their website
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Ít just feels confused and unfocused, is it a monster flick or comedy or drama? The confusion makes the film a bit boring as there is a lot of talking between the scenes with the monster.


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