Tuesday 6 December 2011

DVD review: Snuff 102 (2007)

You want extreme? You want nasty? I present to you Snuff 102, it´s written and directed by Mariano Peralta. The film has a different structure as it shifts in time, here is a synopsis; A female reporter is looking through the origins of violence. She goes through the internet, seeing a pig slaughtered, a monkey tortured, a beheading and more. She does a interview with a man about what can be watch today online, explaining why violent scene and dismemberment can be seen as interesting for certain people, that no ones can define morality... etc. While he's being interviewed, the film cuts back and forth to a place where three women are being tortured and killed
Here you don´t find comedy or relief, just pain, suffering and agony. The violence is disgusting and revolting. The director has also us sequences found on online, for instance a graphic killing of a pig, a monkey is tortured for science purpose and short clip showing a real life beheading (footage from Iraq) which are deeply unsettling. The pacing is a bit slow and the director uses a lot of flashbacks, giving the characters their backgrounds, developing the plot but the editing can be a little bit confusing...
When viewing the film I actually had to turn down the volume because of all the screaming because I was a bit worried what the neighboors migh think. The special fx which is shown is excellent, the soundtrack and cinematography is good and creates an unsettling and creepy atmosphere. In all it´s a well made film, much of the violence occurs off screen but it is nevertheless very violent and shocking. Due to the artistic ambitions of the director the film is pretty dark and grainy and are in some parts shot in black and white.
The review is based on a DVD release by T-Prod Producciones, it´s region free and has english subtitles. I bought my copy years ago from Subdvd.com.
Rating: 6 out of 7. I don´t regard myself as squemish or weak hearted but Snuff 102 is one of the roughest and most disturbing films I´ve seen but hey I like uncompromising taboo-busting flicks. All in all it's a sick little movie that makes you question what are you seeing, it´s a very uncomfortable. Cannot wait to see what Mariano Peralta will do next.


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