Sunday, 18 December 2011

DVD review: Robot Ninja (1989)

Leonard Miller (Michael Todd) is a frustrated artist. His publisher and his agent are out to capitalize on the blooming success of "Robot Ninja," the greatest costumed superhero since Batman! One night, Miller witnesses the brutal rape/murder of a young couple at the hands of ruthless thugs. He cries out for revenge! With the help of an inventor friend, Dr. Goodknight (Bogdan Pecic), Miller becomes the Robot Ninja, stalking the dark streets of Ridgway, intent on spilling some blood! 
Robot Ninja is written, produced and directed by J.R. Bookwalter. In my opinion the idea has potential as a vigilante flick but the low budget, terrible acting, terible fight choreography and bad editing takes it´s tool. Add to this that the film is boring but it has it´s moments, for instance that our hero starts popping amphetamines to stay awake and fight which has it´s side effects. I also like the scene where he do a little bit of reparative surgery on himself. As you probably figured there is some gore but not enough and the special fx isn´t very good.
The review is based on a DVD released by Thin Line Entertainment, sadly the picture is full screen and the quality isn´t very good. I´m guessing they´ve used a VHS as master but it´s uncut and has english audio.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Robot Ninja is a missed opportunity...


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  1. I understand the trailer is included on this DVD as well. Is the trailer in English and does it also have the Filmtrust logo intact as well? Filmtrust was in charge of this movie's foreign distribution sales.