Wednesday 21 December 2011

DVD review: After Party Massacre (2011)

While at a heavy-metal concert, a female fan has a physical altercation with her former boyfriend, prompting her to become a remorseless killer intent on killing anyone and everyone in her way (friend, fan, and foe alike).
After Party Massacre is written and directed by Kristoff and Kyle Severn. The film centers around rhe live performances by the metal bands Incantation and Souless, there is actually two different versions of the film included on the dvd, one of which features extended live performances. 
The soundtrack consists of death metal/industrial rock and is fitting but it hardly manages to create any atmosphere of dread and terror. The film has a rapid pace, which is hardly surprising as it´s only 67 minutes long but nevertheless it becomes a bit boring now and then. There is a lot of nudity and sex on display and some of the chicks are really good loooking which is nice..
The film has a high body count and there are a few nice gory scenes but nothing spectacular and the special fx is amateurish. The acting is so-so, in fact there are some really bad acting in in the film. 
On the technical side I would say that the camera work, sound and editing is quite good.
Rating: 2½ out of 7. After Party Massacre is not a catastrophe but it´s not very good. The concept is good and refreshing but the film would had been better with less focus on live performances by the metal bands Incantation and Souless, they get a lot of screen time, and more focus on the killings and the characters


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