Saturday 17 December 2011

DVD review: Hora (2009)

Rikke (Isabel Vibe) is working on her new novel and travels back to the countryside for inspiration. Instead she gets something completely different.. She has a couple of unsettling encounters with the local men and one day gets a visit by two of them led by her ex-boyfriend (from when they were 8 years old). They rape and humiliate her but they are not prepared for the ruthless vengeance that awaits them.
Hora is a norwegian rape/revenge flick written and directed by Reinert Kill. The acting is all through bad, I guess that Isabel Vibe got the role based on that she was willing to show some partial nudity (she has a career in adult films) and sustain the abuse because it can´t be based on her acting skills.
Technically the film isn´t well made, it´s badly lit, the sound is bad, has bad camera work and editing.
Director Reinert Kill tries to be artistic with occasional switching to black & white photography and missing film spool messages which I only find annoying. The special fx are amateurish and simply doesn´t work.
After a strong start during the first five minutes the film quickly loses it´s pace, there is little dialogue as we follow Rikke and the film gets quite boring. Nothing happens, it´s just a long wait for things to kick off. It takes 40 minutes for something to happen, that´s a long time when almost nothing happens and there is hardly any dialogue..
I noticed somethin weird, there is optic censoring of a package of cigarettes, a shopping bag and a beer can...
The review is based on the DVD released by Njuta Films in Sweden, it not only has subtitles for the scandinavian countries but also english and netherlands.
Rating 0½ out of 7. Hora is mean spirited but badly made, badly acted and on top of that it´s boring. Hora is bad and tame compared to Eric Stanze´s masterpiece Scrapbook  (which is both shocking and disgusting). The best thing with Hora is the DVD cover which looks awesome...



  1. Looks awsome perhaps, but still a rip off of Thriller - a cruel picture!

  2. Yes you´re right, or is it a homage? Either way, if you´re looking for a rape/revenge film this one belongs in the bottom of the barrel...