Thursday, 22 December 2011

DVD review: Porkchop (2010)

The story of a group of young campers headed off into the wilderness for a weekend of partying at an abandoned summer camp only to discover they are not alone and the camp's inhabitant, a deranged redneck with a pig mask, is not pleased with their presence.
Porkchop is written by Zack Bassham and Eamon Hardiman, Eamon is also the director. It´s a satire and a homage to the classic slasher flicks from the 1980s and it´s filled to the brim with very silly comedy and bad acting (intentional or unintentional, take your pick). The film has a running time of 93 minutes but the pacing is slow, there is too much focus on the campers, the villain has too little screen time and the film would have benefitted if there were more gore. Actually the gore/special fx that are on display ain´t too shabby.. As expected there is some nudity. On the technical side the camerawork is so-so, the sound is sometimes bad with noise drowning out the dialogue
This review is based on the DVD released by Independent Entertainment in the USA.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Ok, I´ll admit that there are some funny scenes in it but it´s mostly too silly for my taste and the gore (the little there is) is pretty good.


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