Sunday 13 November 2011

DVD review: K3: Prison of Hell (Video 2009)

Three women are incarcerated at the notorious prison K3. One of them acts as a "sex toy" to the female head of guard whenever she is affected by her crazed lesbians urges. The second is used by the prison doctor and a middle manager as an actress in the porn movies they make. The third of the women's prison psychiatrist Jennifer Walters who herself becomes a prisoner when she have had enough of the abuses prison staff exposing prisoners to and complains. During a recording of a porn video out in the jungle one of the girls manage to escape, at the same time guard boss 'girlfriend' also seizes opportunity to take flight. By sheer coincidence Jennifer also manages to escape from prison. Now we have three female prisoners who were unaware of each other, all of them are on the run in the jungle. The prison staff on the other hand think of course that this is something that the three agreed on and start the hunt. They get hold of one of the women and begins to torture her to make her tell where the Jennifer is. When she knows nothing she can not tell, of course. But her tormentors are confident that she knows and will not stop the torture until she tell.
K3: Prison of Hell is written, produced, edited and directed by Andreas Bethmann who also plays the role of physician Dr Bertucci.

The film is produced and distributed by Bethmann´s own company called X-Rated Kult Video and as usual with releases from that company there is a choice of three different covers.
The majority of screen time seem to consist of explicit sex scenes and different forms of degradation but after 90 minutes or so the film takes on a gruesome tone with a extended torture scene courtesy of special fx wizard Olaf Ittenbach which is not for the squeamish as it´s very brutal and bloody. Budget is low but the film looks surprisingly good, they use the limited locations well. The acting is really bad but you can´t expect much from porn actresses. Bethmann isn´t a very good director and the film would benefit from a real plot and real characters that we care about  now rhey are anonymous and are only there to be exploited. The special fx made by Ittenbach are realistic and disturbing and are the highlight of the film. 
Rating: 2½ out of 7.  K3: Prison of Hell isn´t very good, it´s quite boring but it is a very sleazy flick with lots and lots of full frontal nudity, explicit sex, sadism and degradation and the last 30 minutes or so are incredibly violent. And who doesn´t like sleaze? =)
This is a very nasty and disturbing film so I do strongly warn sensitive viewers not to watch it!



  1. Agreed! Like the review though.

  2. More reviews of films directed by Andreas Bethmann will be up later this month, I have a couple of them in my collection.