Saturday, 26 November 2011

DVD review: Death List (2006)

A professional assassin named Night is double crossed and left for dead. Only to be saved by a mysterious crime fighting organization. They send him to a fabled martial arts master in Hong Kong. There he learns Kung Fu and embarks on his new mission - cleaning up the mean streets.
Death List is produced, directed and edited by Ara Paiaya who also plays Night. If you have seen any of the other flicks made by Ara you will recognize some of the actors and settings.
We get swords, some gore, a lot martial arts and large dose of comedy. Oh, did I mention martial arts? This is first and foremost a martial arts flick with almost non stop action, it´s only 63 minutes long, and the fights are well done and are choreographed by Ara who does all is own stunts, there are no tricks or wires. The plot is very simple and the pacing is very high, keep in mind it´s barely an hour long. The acting is average, Ara is best in the film and gets to showcase his martial arts abilities and displays a talent for doing comedy.
Rating: 4 out of 7. Death List is entertaining and the fightscenes are good. Ara is a very talented filmmaker and given a better budget he should be able to reach a wider audience. Note that he later made The Suppressor which is a much darker, violent but also better film which I highly recommend.


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