Wednesday, 30 November 2011

DVD review: Le bagman - Profession: Meurtrier (Video 2004)

Le bagman - Profession: Meurtrier is a canadian short film made by a group of friends on a micro-budget, it shows but they make it up with buckets of blood and gore, enthusiasm and comedy. A couple of gangsters are out driving and out of nowhere a girl runs right out on the road. The four gangsters get a minor panic and think they killed her. They surround her and thinking of what to do when the girl wakes up to life again. She's completely mad and yells at them that they must help her, she explains that a man with a bag on his head chasing her. Suddenly a man with bloody paper bag on his head appears, it´s killed o be killed.
It´s directed by Jonathan Prévost, François Simard and Anouk Whissell who also acts as producers, edited the film and created the special fx. The film is fast paced, the special fx isn´t very good but it´s hard to deny the energy and enthusiasm on display. It reminds me of Peter Jackson´s Bad Taste and that´s a good thing,
I have a german DVD release from I-On New Media, there is only the original french sound och german voice over/subtitles but who cares. Just relax and enjoy 20 minutes of hilarious splatter.

Rating: 6 out of 7. Le bagman - Profession: Meurtrier is a splatter fest and hysterically funny! This is more parody than horror.


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