Friday, 18 November 2011

DVD review: Murder Island (Video 2006)

A swedish slasher made on a micro-budget. It's summer. A group of teenagers decide to go on a camping trip. They drive far up in the country until they find a small place were they rent canoe's for a cheap price. The group paddle for a long time before they find the perfect island to set up camp on. They have sex, do drugs and drink alcohol. But the next morning they notice that one of them has disappeared. They split up to go looking for her...
Murder Island is directed by Joakim S. Hammond who also co wrote the script and you can se that the film has potential. The soundtrack isn´t very fitting, it mainly consists of death metal (which included on a bonus cd) which is a poor choice, a instrumental and creepy soundtrack would have been nice and added to creating a suitable atmosphere.
The pacing is pretty high and there are very few dead spots in the film but keep in mind that it is only 46 minutes long. A nice bonus is that the teenagers look like teenagers. The acting isn´t very good but this is low budget so I didn´t have too high expectations.
There is sadly almost no special fx or gore which is important in slashers in my opinion. Almost all the violence happens off screen which is a big misstake, Murder Island needs some blood and guts. I guess the lack of special fx might be because of the low budget. 
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Murder Island has potential to be a really nice slasher, it would have benefitted from more gore, some nudity and a better and more fitting soundtrack.


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