Monday, 28 November 2011

DVD review: Codename: Yin/Yang (Video 2006)

Codename: Yin/Yang is a danish independent flick that combines comedy, action and horror and if you have visited this blog before you know that I´m not particulary fond of that combination. The film is directed by Henrik Andersen and Bo Mørch Penstoft who also plays a major part in the film as Bobo Moreno a black ops operative. In the pentagon the CIA is planning a new route of conquest and the tiny State of Denmark is where the first field testing of a new military genetic serum. As Denmark is torn apart from the inside by the serum-infected population, now frothing flesh -tearing zombies, the remnants of the government has only one choice left; to unleash the most deadly assassination team in human history, known only as Codename: Yin/Yang. The fate of a nation lies on the edge of a razorsharp Katana and down the barrels of a high powered assault rifle.
The acting is bad, Yin (Line Penstoft) and Yang (Sabine Louring) are certainly easy on the eye but their acting ability is very limited. The pacing is unexpectedly low and the film sometimes becomes downright boring. The special fx are for the most part of low quality but some of the zombies look really nice which is a bit surprising as the film looks very cheap. The action scenes are badly made/edited and the martial arts sequences are badly choreographed.
A quick note for you bloodhounds out there, for a zombiefilm Codename: Yin/Yang isn´t very gory and the gore is badly done. And for all of you hoping for nudity and sex (considering the good looking Line and Sabine) I´ll have to tell you that there is zero nudity in the film...
Codename: Yin/Yang was released by Booble Productions on DVD (region 0) a couple of years ago and you should be able to find it if you´re interested.
Rating: 0½ out of 7.  Codename: Yin/Yang gets a ½ point for effort and a few good moments but it´s mostly a dull little little film which never catches my interest. Thankfully it´s running time is only 81 minutes.


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