Thursday, 10 November 2011

DVD review: Maximum Impact (Video 2008)

Agent X (Ara Paiaya) races to rescue captured security defence expert Katie Tang (Paiaya's real-life wife, Raquel) from the hands of a rogue agent. He faces his most deadly adversaries in this action packed drama. Ara Paiaya stars, directs, produces, is visual effects creator and is action coordinator.
Several actors from The Suppressor (a flick that I liked very much) appears in Maximum Impact, the quality of acting varies but that´s expected in independent films. The sound is a little low sometimes during the film which makes it a little difficult to hear what the characters are saying. The soundtrack is orginal and surprisingly good.
The pacing is high and the actionsequences are never far apart, the shoot outs are fairly good but it´s the fighting scenes that stands out and these are choreographed by Ara who displays great skills as a martial artist and as usual he does all of his own stunts. You should keep in mind that this is a film made on a low budget, it´s not a high profile Hollywood film produced by Michael Bay 
Rating: 4½ out of 7. Maximum Impact looks good considering it´s low budget. It isn´t as well made as The Suppressor (2012), it´s obvious that Ara has improved his skills as a film maker in the time that has passed between Maximum Impact and The Suppressor.
My advise to everyone is to keep an eye out for Ara Paiaya, he has great potential as a director and actor

You can order the film from or from the official website for The Suppressor. Link:


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