Wednesday 9 November 2011

DVD review: The Burning Moon (1997)

The Burning Moon centers on two horrific bedtime stories that a delinquent brother by the name Peter (Olaf Ittenbach) reads to his kid sister. The first one is entitled "Julia's Love" and tells the story of a serial killer who takes his blind date and her family on a blood soaked killing rampage. The second story is called "The Purity" and is about a crazed satan-worshipping priest who rapes and kills in a small German town. The townspeople try to find revenge and target an innocent suspect.
The film is written and directed by Olaf Ittenbach who also plays a major role in the film and is responsible for the special fx.
Both stories are mean-spirited and some scenes are very brutal and violent and not for the faint of heart. Plotwise the first bedtime story "Julia's Love" isn´t anything new, it´s classic slasher formula. The second bedtime story "The Purity" is better and more original and nastier.
There is bad acting and the dialogue is mostly bad, there is sometimes bad lighting and bad sound quality in the flick. The pacing is initially a bit slow but as soon as Peter starts telling the stories the film gains momentum and keeps going. The special fx ranges from bad to decent to very good. But you have to remember that it´s made on a micro-budget and from that viewpont the effects are really good.
Rating: 3½ out of 7. If you like splatter and gore you will not be disappointed.


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