Sunday 29 January 2012

DVD review: Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen Part 2 (Video 2002)

A psychopathic sexkiller lives in an abandoned house with his rubber doll Rita. He secretly photographs women, from the photos he chooses who his next victim will be. One of the women he has taken prisoner manages to free herself and..... 
Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen Part 2 is written and directed by Andreas Bethmann under his alias A.M. Bertucci and it´s a offical sequel to Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen.
There´s no need to comment on the acting skills as there is no acting just plenty of sex.
Technically this film is weaker than the previous one, it looks and feels cheaper with porr camera work, the sound track is more or less the same as in part 1 and I´ve already stated that it was one of the strong points and it is in this film also. There is a really pathetic attempts at gore that´s really cheap and badly made.
The review is based the DVD released by X Rated. The film is uncut and german language only but there isn't much in the way of characters or story. Actually I can´t remember any dialogue at all...

Rating: 0½ out of 7. Here we get more of the bad parts of Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen, a lot of over long, repetitive and boring sex scenes. I don´t even think that this does appeal to the forced-sex fetish fans. The good parts of part 1, the scenes with the rapist interacting and tormenting his captive, the scenes that actually had potential and were creepy are nowhere to be found in Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen Part 2


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