Sunday 1 January 2012

DVD review: Maximum Impact (Video 1992)

Jerry Handley (Ken Jarosz) is an average guy living the American dream. But while on business in the city, Jerry's friend tries to set him up with a teenage prostitute held captive by a pimp s gang of thugs. Instead, Jerry befriends the girl, stealing her away. The ruthless gang raids Jerry's sleepy community in search of their property, killing Jerry's fianceé in the process. The murder triggers Jerry's deepest emotions, causing him to unlease his revenge upon the gang on their own terms! Maximum Impact is based on a story, produced and directed by indie film maker J.R Bookwalter.
The film looks and feels cheap, we get some really bad acting and bad camera work. The pacing is good/high as the running time of Maximum Impact is just about 61 minutes but unfortunately it takes forever to get to the bloodshed and when it finally starts it´s quickly over. The actionsequences are inept and a big letdown. All this is disappointing as the concept for the film actually is pretty good and in my opinion has some potential but I guess that due to a limited budget (we´re talking micro budget here) and other unknown circumstances some compromises had to be made.
The review is based on the Bad Movie Police Double Feature released by Tempevideo in the USA, the second film included on DVD is Zombie Cop (1991).

Rating: 2½ out of 7. Maximum Impact had some potential but lack of sleaze, nudity, gore and action means that it´s a letdown.


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