Friday 27 January 2012

DVD review: The Hounds (2011)

First I´d like to thank Roberto del Piccolo for sending me a screener, now let´s get to the review.
Sarah (Maddie Moate), Jake (David Drew), Dave (Paul Tonkin) and Martin (John Doughty) at a local pub and we listen in on conversation that ends with them deciding to go camping on the weekend. After pitching their tents and getting comfortable, they make the grisly discovery of a body covered in the ground and their camping trip turns into a nightmare. We also get introduced to Mike (Andy Callaghan) a police officer that is investigating a case that one can interpret as having something to do with the four friends. The plot focuses more on the camping but keeps getting back to Mike's plot line and the two stories will eventually intersect.
The Hounds is written by Roberto del Piccolo who also is one of the three directors, the other two are Maurizo del Piccolo and Trevor Gittings.

The actors are good, better than average and from a technical viewpoint the film is well made with good camera work and editing, the only complaint I do have is that it sometimes sounded as they were in a studio when they are in a tent but mostly the setting is used to good effect.
There is some gore and it´s all practical special fx.
The film can be watched online at
Rating: 5½ out of 7. The Hounds was different to what I expected, there are some good acting on display and a nice twist. Check it out.


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