Thursday, 19 January 2012

DVD review: La Petite Mort (I) (2009)

Simon (Andreas Pape), Nina (Inés Zahmoul) and Dodo (Anna Habeck) are three young people on their way to a holiday in the sun, but their flight is delayed in Frankfurt. They decide to take a trip to town to kill time. They stray into the city's poorer neighborhoods, and eventually ends up in a restaurant "Maison de la petite mort" (which roughly means "the little death house"). They soon get in a heated discussion with the employees and it will prove to be costly. The restaurant here is just a cover for a far more lucrative business. In the basement the owner, Madame Fabienne (Manoush) and her psychopathic daughters (Annika Strauss and Magdalena Kalley) runs a torture chamber. There, wealthy businessmen can buy their own victims, to do what they please with. Through its wrangling with the staff, Simon, Nina & Dodo directly placed on Madame Fabienne list of victims that are for sale.
La Petite Mort is written and directed by Marcel Walz and there is no need to deny the similarities to Eli Roth´s Hostel but La Petite Mort is much better and much more extreme.
The acting in La Petite Mort is good and convincing but especially Manoush is really good as Madame Fabienne. Techniqally it´s well made with good camera work, lighting and sound.
It´s a depraved, nasty and sadistic film and there is plenty for the gorehound. It´s special fx wizard Olaf Ittenbach who is responsible for the wonderfully gruesome gore and it´s all practical fx.
This review is based on the DVD released by Dark Entertainment, it´s region 2, has english and swedish subtitles and a german audiotrack.There is a making of documentary, audio commentary included as special features.
Rating: 7 out of 7. La Petite Mort is highly recommended and a must see for gorehounds! If you´re squemish you better stay away!! Now I will have to try to get hold of Marcel Walz earlier film Tortura.


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