Saturday 14 January 2012

DVD review: Diary Of A Sex Offender (2010)

Michael Regardie (Peter Grouse) is a lonely, delusional and sick religous zealot of his own invented faith - a faith that justifies hideous rituals of murder, rape and sexual torture. Absolution from his escalating nihilism and debauchery may lie in his latest victim. But as salvation seems at hand, a specter from his past demands revenge. Diary Of A Sex Offender is shot, produced, written and directed by John Niflheim. The acting performances is mostly average but I think that Peter Grouse is excellent as Michael Regardie. The film is surprisingly well made considering the limited budget at hand. There is sleaze, degradation and a lot of full frontal nudity but no explicit scenes. There is some blood but nothing that would please the gorehounds out there. I´m sure that Diary Of A Sex Offender is a film that provokes a lot of controversy as the main character is rapist/murderer and that it has lenghty and somewhat eroticised scenes of rape.
The review is based on the region 1 DVD released by Independent Entertainment.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. Diary Of A Sex Offender is a unexpectedly well made and well acted independent film.


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