Tuesday 31 January 2012

DVD review: Legend of Moonlight Mountain (2005)

A group of people awaken on a desolate mountain. Wandering through the forest, they try to decipher how they arrived there. Soon, they realize that there is more to this story than they know. As the sun goes down, the dead begin to rise and the group's worst nightmares come true. Legend of Moonlight Mountain is written and directed by Timo Rose who also handles the special fx, editing and the sound department. Independent film regulars Andreas Pape, Sebastian Gutsche and Thomas Kercmar have parts in the film.
It´s pretty well shot and edited but sometimes, especially in the beginning, the editing is so quick that we hardly get to so see the gory effects. The editing is sometimes a bit confusing.
Good atmosphere, nice setting and acceptable acting.
The special fx, created and handled by Timo Rose, are both practical and visual (there are some CGI) and there is some pretty cool effects on display, I especially liked the tentacled demons.
The pacing is pretty good and the film is just 79 minutes long, it takes a little while to get going but the last third is almost non stop carnage with monsters and zombies.
The review is based the DVD released by CMV Laservision. The film is uncut and german language only and I´ll have to point out that my understanding of the german language is a bit limited so I´m pretty sure I´m missing out on some of the plot.

Rating: 3½ out of 7. Legend of Moonlight Mountain is fully approved entertainment.


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