Monday 23 January 2012

DVD review: Predators Hell´s Tomb (2008)

An ancient tomb, hidden deep in the remote wilderness, its secrets swallowed
by time…
A key that holds the promise of unlocking the tomb’s secrets… But some secrets… should stay buried.
Rune lore specialist, Morgan Sinclair (Sara Rabey), journeys to a remote archeological dig site to discover the fate of her missing brother, Maxvell, who disappeared after opening the tomb of Hadean, an ancient demon bent on the destruction of the earth. Led by a mysterious tracker and accompanied by a team of heavily armed mercenaries, Morgan arrives at the site only to find it abandoned and in bloody shambles. Reconnaissance of the area leads to more questions than answers,and the group quickly find themselves being hunted by the bone-gathering Hadean. Now stranded with no way of contacting help, the survivors must find a way to defeat Hadean before they too fall prey to his reign of terror!
Neil A Wentworth has co-written the story, wrote the screenplay, produced, shot, edited and directed Predators Hell's Tomb (originally simply called Hell's Tomb). He is also involved in creating the soundtrack and has many more credits listed, I counted during the credits and believe it was a total of 26. The acting is pretty bad, the tough and heavily armed mercenaries are a pathetic joke and doesn´t look or act like professional soldiers.

Now Predators Hell's Tomb is a horror film with monsters, and the creature looks pretty original but it also looks pretty ridiculous. The soundtrack is well made and fits the proceedings and helps creating some atmosphere, the camera work and editing is mostly good. It has the obvious color-filtered and slightly distorted monster POV but thank god that is not exaggerated. The running time is barely 80 minutes so Predators Hell´s Tomb does have a pretty high pace. There ain´t enough gore to satisfy the gorehounds, we get practically simple typical indie horror-splatter effects, head off, hand off... They use some CGI towards the end of the film but the creature is all practial man in suit special fx.
The review is based on the DVD released in Germany by KNM Home Entertainment. It has both german and english audiotrack.
Rating: 2 out of 7. The 80 minutes pass quite quickly, it´s a small, inexpensive 80-minute film, it´s not great or original but it´s tolerable entertainment for the moment.


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