Monday 9 January 2012

DVD review: Mercilessly Betrayed (2006)

Schiller's bar isn't doing very well, a couple men come to collect their money. Since Schiller isn't able to pay, they take him down to his basement and begin to beat him up, he lets the thugs have their way with his wife in order to save his own skin. Now his wife becomes the play thing for the men, but they soon realize Anna isn't as much of a coward as her husband is.
Mercilessly Betrayed is a rape/revenge film from Germany and its directed by A. Simona. The film looks and feels very cheap, the colors shift, it´s very badly shot and edited. The sound is bad, the soundtrack is bad...  As might be expected the acting is bad and once again the actresses are unattractive which is not a good thing when you are making a film which features a lot of nudity and long explicit sex scenes. There is a little more focus on the revenge but that doesn´t help much as violent set pieces lacks any impact and the special fx looks very cheap and consist mostly of putting red paint on someone.
The review is based on a DVD released by A Simona Film. it´s part of a limited print of 1500 numbered copies but sadly my copy isn´t numbered. It is uncut and it´s german language only.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. As it lacks english subtitles I was at first a bit hesitant to review this DVD but Mercilessly Betrayed is more or less straightforward. It´s badly made and fails to deliver but I do have a soft spot for vigilante, sleaze and rape/revenge so it gets half a point for at least trying.


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