Monday, 30 January 2012

DVD review: Space Wolf (Video 2003)

A group of criminals gather together for aggression therapy in the forest and things soon deteriorate to arguments, fist fights, thievery, and stabbings. To make things even worse, a vicious space monster is running around slicing up the stray criminals with razor sharp claws. Space Wolf is directed by Timo Rose and we recognize several actors from other german independent flicks (for example Andreas Pape and Sebastian Gutsche). The camera work and editing is so and so and the acting ranges from below average to bad. Pacing is slow and it feels like it takes forever for the monster to arrive and the carnage to begin. Space Wolf is, simply put, a pretty boring film, it´s supposed to be a monster movie but there is a serious lack of monsters and carnage instead we get a lot of youths arguing and fighting with each other. The special fx, gore and creature design, is created by Olaf Ittenbach and as usual he shows that he is a wizard of effects. His effects are without a doubt the high light of Space Wolf.
This review is based on the DVD released by Fleshlight Pictures, it´s uncut and has english subtitles but not all of the dialogue have been translated and the subtitles are not always in sync with the dialogue.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Space Wolf is a failure and a major dissapointment, the concept is good and has potential, someone forgot that it´s a monster movie,  it takes too long for anything to happen and there is not enough carnage. The only saving grace is Olaf Ittenbach´s special fx which are excellent as always.


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