Saturday 28 January 2012

DVD review: Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen (Video 2000)

A faceless killer keeps a woman chained up in his basement and forces her to watch a film of his past exploits and former victims. Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen is written and directed by Andreas Bethmann under his alias A.M. Bertucci. As usual with Andreas Bethmann there is a ton of nudity and explicit sex scenes which take up a majority of the film. I found that the film quickly gets boring because of the repetitive and lengthy sex scenes. All the scenes have the same beginning with a woman masturbating, forced fellatio and so on. The theme should appeal to the forced-sex fetish fans. Keep in mind that this film is in no way as shocking or nasty as Eric Stanze´s Scrapbook. There are some truly creepy and unsettling moments with the rapist vs. the prisoner in the basement that has great potential but Bethmann sadly choose to focus on other things. Technically seen the film isn´t too badly made, it features good camera work, editing and the soundtrack is mostly excellent.
This review is based on the dvd released by X-Rated ( a DVD label owned by Andreas Bethmann), it´s uncut and has english subtitles.
Rating: 1 out of 7. The main problem is the timing in this film, it's a bit over long. Some scenes are just too long and the repetitive sex scenes are not very exciting. More plot, more focus on the rapist and his prisoner would have been a benefit to the film, now it´s just a failed opportunity.


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