Thursday 19 January 2012

DVD review: Death Angel December Vengeance Kill (2010)

Decembers´s (Leena Kurishingal) innocence was stolen from her in an instant when she at young age witnessed the rape and murder of her mother and killing of her brother. After years of attempting to leave the tragedy behind, a violent assault brings her face to face with the demons that have haunted her for years. Something triggers deep within December´s psyche, an internal switch  that fuels her tom become a carefully trained, highly-skilled assassin, a vigilante by night and a police investigator by day. She longs not for friends or relationships, instead she lives solely to inflict vengeance for the death of her family.when a weapon surfaces that may prove to be the last piece to her terrible past, December commits to the bloody road ahead with no turning back.
Death Angel December Vengeance Kill is co-written and directed by Bennie Woodell.
Leena Kurishingal delivers the goods but the rest of the acting is more or less bad. The villains are are a bit to campy and over-the-top for my taste, not sure if it´s due to their acting abilities or the script. The film also seems a bit confused sometimes with a little bit to much screen time for the villains and there is a lot of flashbacks which sometimes are in black and white and sometimes in color.  The production values are are low, bad cinematography and the dialogue volume is too low which makes it hard to hear what the characters are saying. For some reason every other scene ends with freeze-frame images, which in my opinion is very annoying.
There's plenty of action, gore and gunplay but the gore varies from badly made CGI created bloodshed to a real awesome highlight which features pratical special fx as December gives a villain a Colombian neck tie. The action sequences are badly shot (shaky cam style) and edited, Leena Kurishingal is supposed to be a highly trained killer and martial artist but it doesn´t look that way on screen. The action just isn´t convincing or exciting..
The review is based on the DVD released by Chemical Burn which is not rated,

Rating: 1½ out of 7. This isn't the most original of films or the best vigilante film but it´s ok for the moment and Leena Kurishingal is not only very attractive, hey I´ll admit it that she´s hot, but also a pretty good actress who can display emotion and physicality.


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