Friday, 27 January 2012

DVD review: Family Secret (2009)

First of all I´d like to thank Forris Day Jr. for sending me a copy of Family Secret.
Phyliss McGee was a wicked woman when she was alive, but now that she´s dead, she is far worse. Geno McGee (Forris Day Jr), the grandson of Phyliss, is reunited with his family after her death but soon discovers that there is something wrong. There is a family secret. What appears to be the dead grandmother is going around with a meat cleaver in hand and butchering family members. Forced to cover it as a journalist, Geno gets too close and soon finds out what his family has been hiding for years. He discovers the FAMILY SECRET!
Family Secret is written and directed by Geno McGahee. It´s a ambitious film made on a low budget which is quite obvious but it has a lot of charm, some humor and a unexpected hero who looks like a average Joe instead of the . The acting ranges from average to downright bad but this is a independent film made on a very tight budget so you shouldn´t have to high expectations. There are also some bad casting, if a actor is supposed to play the father of a character they shouldn´t be of roughly the same age....
Technically the film isn´t perfect, the camera work, sound and editing is ok by me as I´ve seen far worse. The body count is unexpectedly high but the special fx isn´t very good and several kills occur off screen.
Rating: 5½ out of 7. I did enjoy Family Secret, yes it´s uneven but mostly it´s great fun.


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