Monday, 14 November 2011

DVD review: Violent Shit II (1992)

Andreas Schnass is back, he writes, produces, directs, handles the special fx and plays Karl "The Butcher" Junior in Violent Shit II.  Like it´s predecessor this film is made on a micro-budget. Karl "The Butcher" junior is out to take revenge for his father and kill anyone who enters the forest. What we get is a exercise in splatter and bad taste with a splice of absurd comedy, for instance there is a long training montage where Karl is preparing himself.
The film is incredibly violent, the special fx is a little better but the camera-work, editing and lighting is bad. Schnass has zero sense of creating atmosphere, we simply go from one graphic murder to the next (most of the violence appear on screen), there are no characters to relate to as they simply serve one purpose and that´s to die gruesomely on screen a minute or two after they appear. The acting is very poor, the pacing is too slow and the use of freeze frames is as annoying as earlier.
Rating: 0½ out of 7. It´s improvement over the first film but Violent Shit II is still pure shit.


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