Tuesday 5 June 2012

Review: A Joke Of Too Much (2010)

First I´d like to thank Franceso Picone for providing me with a link to his film
Preceded by fake Trailer of "Invasion of the space worms", "A joke of too much" is a short film Grindhouse style and tells of two lovers that night with their car, secluded in the woods, on the evening in the famous pair of cutthroats Pietro Capinica escapes from prison ... A Joke Of Too Much is written & directed by Francesco Picone. Professionally shot and edited, it is looking very good but if you harbour a dislike for faux grindhouse you probably will have a problem with this as it includes "missing reels", scratches and so on. The soundtrack is great and the acting is good. This a very nice and effective slasher in the 9 minute format. There is no T & A in this mini slasher, but I´ll admit I wished it had..., but we do get some pretty nice practical gore make-up fx.
This review is based upon a online source, A Joke Of Too Much can be viewed online here . It has english subtitles and italian audio.
Rating: 7 out of 7. I liked A Joke Of Too Much, I liked it a lot! Heck I f*cking loved it, I wanted it to be a feature film! I look forward to see more from Franceso Picone!


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