Wednesday 11 September 2013

Review: Ridge War Z (2013)

First I´d like to thank Brain Damage Films for providing me with a screener.
Three years have passed since the zombie war had been won but for the veterans who fought in that terrible conflict, their memories and pain won't let them forget. Now the only three surviving veterans of the most brutal battle of the entire war (Gory Ridge) return to recount their horrific experiences to an author who intends to write a book so that the world may better understand the sacrifice of the American infantryman during the great zombie war. It is a story of horror, honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood. This is war, scars and all. Ridge War Z is written and directed by Alek Gearhart. The acting is decent, the camerawork and editing is pretty good. The soundtrack is very good. The setting is nice and very different from most of the zombie movies I´ve seen. Ridge War Z is very talky och slow with not much happening for most of the running time. There´s brief practical gore, there are however plenty of computer rendered bullet hits. The zombie make-up fx design is poor. There´s no T and A in this.
Ridge War Z is also known as Gory Ridge.
Ridge War Z is being released on region all (region 0) DVD on 11/5/2013 by Brain Damage Films.
This review is based upon an passwordprotected online screener provided by Brain Damage Films.
Rating: 1 out of 7. Ridge War Z is something of a missed opportunity, the concept is grander than the final product. I can easily imagine that the script being very ambitious from the beginning and being gradually scaled down due to the budget. It´s slow and very talky which makes it boring. When things finally starts happening it is too late and the action just isn´t very impressive. While watching it I couldn´t help wonder how it could have looked with nice looking half decomposed zombies and practical gore (just take a look at what Brian Paulin at Morbid Vision Films can do with limited funds). Thank god that they used another title, had they kept the original title Gory Ridge I would have been really insulted/annoyed as a gorehound. The two best parts with this is the DVD cover art and the soundtrack. If you go in looking for action, gore and zombies you most likely are gonna end up just as disappointed as me. 


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