Thursday 5 September 2013

DVD review: Slice (2012)


When seven girls have a costume party at an old abandoned house what could go wrong? Slice is written and directed by Terence Muncy. Dreadfully bad acting, it´s badly shot and edited. The pacing is bad, after a kick start it seems takes forever for things to happen, we get a prolonged party in a scene that seems to last forever. There isn´t a shred of suspense or tension in this, I just waited impatiently for it to end. Slice is one of those flicks that has been manipulated to make it look old and scratchy (in the style of Grindhouse), there are a ton of trailers (both real and faux) before the flick and those trailers are included in the official running time of Slice. There are several scenes that feels like attempts of padding out the running time. There is a surprise twist which actually isn´t that big of a surprise... The soundtrack is either missplaced or bad. There are some hints of sleaze, incest, but it´s only touched upon briefly in a scene as one of the characters speak about it. There is no T and A in this but there is prolonged girl on girl action. There´s some practical gore fx, a on screen throat slashing and cannibalism but most of the stuff is kept off screen.
This review is based upon a region 0 (region all) DVD-R manufactured on demand by Warbranch Productions.
Rating: 0 out of 7. OMG this was bad, really frickin bad!! Stay away, just stay away....


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