Tuesday 11 December 2012

DVD review: Bloody Mary 3D (2011)

While making a music video, a group of filmmakers accidentally awaken the curse of Mary Worth (Veronica ricci), a young woman who was brutally murdered a hundred years before. Mary crawls through the mirror and begins killing them off one by one! Bloody Mary 3D is written by Keith Parker and is directed by Charlie Vaughn. Plenty of bad acting which gives us quite a bit of unintentional comedy but there is also intentional comic relief courtesy of Ron Jeremy, who has a small part, and Shawn C Philips as Steve who might be the most incompetent security guard ever. Bloody Mary 3D is badly shot and edited although some of the bad editing is probably due to cuts done by german censors. The soundtrack is awful and it doesn´t help that the flick is interrupted around the 15 minute mark by a full length music video (it seems to go on forever) featuring singer/ actor Derek Jameson. And that song is played several times throughout the flick, god I hate that freakin song. I´m confident that the DVD release that I watched has been cut as the kills are lame, very lame, and the amateurish/cheap gore fx is kept to a minimal. There are a couple of noticeable cuts. In the T & A department I can report that within less than a minute after the flick has started we get the first scenes of nudity and a prolonged scene featuring girl on girl action. Actually this is one of the best scenes of Bloody Mary 3D. There is gratuitous T & A in this, mostly provided by Veronica Ricci who sure is goodlooking but I wish we would have gotten to see more of Alena Savostikova. 
This review is based upon the 2D version which is featured on the german region 2 DVD release from Delta Music & Entertainment. There is also a Blu-ray release, and according to online sources there are significant differences between the 2D and the 3D version. The 2D version is longer by 22 seconds and contains some more gory details. In contrast 3D version contains many alternate shots with 3D effects.
Rating: 1½ out of 7. Bloody Mary 3D is a very mediocre flick, it belongs neither in the erotic genre or the horror genre.There are three highlights in this, it´s Shawn C Philips who is funny in this, then there is Veronica Ricci who obviously isn´t a very shy girl and finally we got the prolonged scene of girl on girl action in the beginning of the flick. I hesitate to recommend Bloody Mary 3D to anyone but I´m sure that it has a audience.

Please note that I bought the german DVD despite the fact that I was aware that it probably was a cut release, the runing time of 75 minutes was a BIG warning sign. But this is the only legit DVD release of Bloody Mary 3D that I´ve been able to find.  Now the question is, will I upgrade when a better/uncut release appears? Doubtful, it will depend on how much longer running time it has (an indicator of how severely it was cut by the german censors).


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