Tuesday 18 December 2012

DVD review: The Super (2010)

George Rossi (Demetri Kallas), who immigrated to the US and served in the Vietnam war, is now a superintendent of a Queens' apartment building. He finds himself quickly slipping into a depraved world that is fueled by the tenants of the building. The Super is written and directed by Evan Makrogiannis and Brian Weaver. For the most part we get good acting, special kudos to Demetri Kallas who portrays a truly frightening and somewhat bizarre character scarred by war.. It´s very nicely shot and edited. The cinematography is great, there are some very nice scenic shots of New York City . The soundtrack is very good. The pacing is nice, it´s quite obvious that Demetri Kallas character is unstable from the get go but we get to see his descent into madness. There are a couple of really awesome scenes showcasing Demetri Kallas talent. The violence is never glamourous, it´s savage and ugly. There is gore, practical make-up fx which looks good. Some of the kills takes place off screeen while a eye gouging is very graphic. There is quite a bit of good T & A in this, including full frontal nudity, incest, rape, and even necrophilia.
This review is based upon the Red Scare edition (region 1) DVD release from Noose Hill entertainment., this edition includes exclusive footage (approx 2 minutes) directed by Andrey Iskanov. Only available in this limited release edition.
Rating: 7 out of 7. The Super has that nice and gritty 1970s vibe (similar to The Turnpike Killer (2009) which is also written and directed by the same filmmakers). I like the fact that this movie surprised me, it wasn´t what I expected instead it delivered much more. This obviously  a film made by fans of the genre, for fans of the genre. Recommended!!


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