Monday, 21 October 2013

DVD review: Bikini Monsters (2010)

In a secluded laboratory just off the Florida coast,a scientist works feverishly to complete a bold yet grisly experiment.Known by local transients only as the “The Beach Bum” He has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate expression of mythic beauty;a mermaid.Yet in the wake of his dark obsession lies a trail of test subjects,abandoned in his all consuming lust for biological perfection.They are horrifically twisted and mutated abominations the likes of which mankind has never seen…until now. As the experiment continues, Detective Elizabeth Wayne (Sara Maas) opens an investigation into the disappearance of several local women.her mission is to discover the fate of those missing is as strong as insane passion driving The Beach Bum,her skills and resolve being tested at every twist and turn.Aided by marine-biologists Craig Hoffman (Brad Guerrie) and Mike Shelton (Anthony Wayne), Detective Wayne must play the final gambit to lure her nemesis from hiding and use herself as bait. Bikini Monsters is written Erica Heflin and Terence Muncy who also is the director. The acting is bad,  the camerawork and editing isn´t good, there is frequent use of black screen when they shift scene/setting. The soundtrack is decent. The pacing is pretty bad and the flick is borderline boring. There´s not a shred av tension or horror in this. There is no gore in this and the creature fx is limited to body paint, eye lenses and dentures. There´s no T and A in this but there are a couple of women in bikinis (as indicated by the title).
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This review is based upon a DVD-R (yup, it isn´t a proper DVD) from Horror Wasteland, it´s labeled as a Unrated Edition.
Rating 0½ out of 7. O boy, this is bad if not terrible. It´s bad, both acting and the production values. I must mention that labeling the release as Unrated is a frickin joke, there´s is nothing in it that merits the use of it, it´s just a marketing trick so beware.


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