Tuesday 22 November 2011

DVD review: Dino Wolf (2009)

This flick is directed by Fred Olen Ray was originally titled Dire Wolf but thankfully they decided to change the title. The plot is pretty simple, the US Military conducts top secret experiments mixing human DNA with a prehistoric Dino Wolf skeleton which results in a terrifying hybrid monster. The Dino Wolf escapes and terrorize a small mountain village. Federal agents Read (Kristen Howe) and Connors (John L. Curtis) join the local sheriff (Maxwell Caulfield) in the hunt for the creature while attempting to cover up the quickly mounting body count. The flick has a good pacing as the Dino Wolf kills his way through the towns population. The acting is ok, actually better than expected and Maxwell Caulfield is good as local sheriff Parker. There is a a couple CGI shots but the creature, the Dino Wolf, is the classic "man in a suit" effect and most of the gore is practical special fx and looks quite good. And we do get a couple of nice and bloody kills.
Rating: 5 ouf of 7. This one was much better than I expected, a nice little monster movie well worth seeing..  :)


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